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Tom Harrington is an indie-folk artist inspired by the beauty in connecting with the people and world around us. A humble singer-songwriter with a compulsion for raw, captivating storytelling when his acoustic guitar is in hand.


The ‘Slow Your Mind’ tour is in celebration of his latest single released in June which was written with intention to help elevate stress when you can’t wind down.

Tom uses live vocal looping to create a larger than life sound whilst still remaining present and flowing, to a level unseen in other folk artists.


He has spent majority of 2023 roaming the east-coast in his van off the back of an Australian tour supporting Alivan Blu’.  He has already supported artists such as Kyle Lionhart, Felipe Baldomir, Jordy Maxwell and Austin Mackay across Adelaide and Melbourne and is now taking on his own shows after capturing their audiences as the opener. With more music set for release early 2024, Tom is just getting started!

Keep up to date with tour dates, new music and more.

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